“As you might expect, Schatzi continues to be adored by everyone she meets, including a few canine friends who come over to romp in the snow with her. She has made great progress in learning to navigate the stairs, and seems very comfortable in her home and yard. Her dog walker visits during the afternoon for an outdoor excursion around the neighborhood (weather permitting) or playtime inside. We had such cold weather for a few weeks in late January/early February that I attempted to insulate her a bit with a Fido Fleece, however she was not at all impressed by it (she froze like a statue, and wouldn’t even take a step!)”

“I am attaching a few photos, including one of Schatzi’s favorite couch with her preferred blanket. She also has a few favorite toys, which she doesn’t chew on at all – she carries them from room to room in her mouth, and puts them in her bed and sleeps with them.”



Winston was recently adopted by Nancy and Greg and is enjoying life with his new companion Petra!


“Nya continues to be wonderful. Lexi just adores her. She fits in so well with the family it is almost scary. She loves the dog park and we have taken her there almost daily. Yesterday she met a little boston terrier and they chased each other forever. She came home a very tired girl. I cannot thank you enough for all you did for her and us! Feel free to use whichever pics you might want for the success story page. If you ever need any help with the rescue please let me know…I would love to be able to help give back! Thanks again!”



Here’s a pic of Nellie that I fostered then adopted in 2006.  She’s my shadow EXCEPT when she can sunbathe.  She’s thrilled with this spring like weather and has been soaking up the sun all day.  She knows that she’s a raving beauty and is not afraid to flaunt it.  Oh boy!”



Here is our Gracie Lou…she is so sweet…she even gives kisses now. We are soooooo glad we got her…thanks Doberman Rescue!!!!”

Ken and Connie Braun


Thank you DRM. We are so happy with Diva. She is the very best dog we have ever had. Diva loves everyone, gets along with our garage cat and tolerates our toy poodle. Our seven grandchildren always have to give her a big hug when they visit – and she loves it. We live across the street from an off leash dog park so we are there daily, weather permitting. When we first visited the park Diva would yip every time another dog would smell her. Today she’s extremely confident and plays with almost every dog. She’s especially fond of running through the tall grass chasing or being chased. It’s truly surprising how many people know her name and comment on how beautiful she is. She loves the attention. Diva has never had a problem minding. She comes when called and has never caused us any anxiety. During the day she has the run of most of the house but prefers to go to her crate when we aren’t paying attention to her. While loving and friendly, she is very protective of our house. We won’t ever be burglarized. That said, all I have to do is reassure her that the company is okay and she changes into the head of the welcoming committee. Thank you again. We love our Diva.”



My husband Heath and I adopted Ella in December of 2010. We thought you guys would be interested to hear how she is doing and if we have all adjusted to each other. If you recall we had a bumpy road with her in the first few months where we were seriously contemplating sending her back to the rescue. I am very happy to say that we are so glad we didn’t do that. We had a friend come over who trains dogs and she helped us get Ella on the right track. Basically it came down to her thinking she could rule the roost and we had to knock the chip off her shoulder. In the year and a half that we have had her she has been a great addition to our family. Her and her “sister” Taz are BFF’s and play together outside every chance we give them. We found out that Ella is a “Ball Freak” and will chase a ball all day long if there is someone willing to throw it. We soon found out that tennis balls don’t stand a chance with her as she chews on them so hard she cracks them in a matter of minutes. So we have upgraded to the hard rubber balls made by the company who makes the Chucker and those last pretty good – eventually cracks them but not as fast. Ella has also become a running companion with myself and a friend of mine. We take the dogs everyday that the weather permits and she is always excited to go. And she has also become friends with our friends’ dogs and kids. She loves to just stand next to the kids and have them pet her ears. Once again we would like to thank the Doberman Rescue for all that you do for finding new homes for dogs like Ella. We are so happy with her and she makes us laugh with her hip swaying, tail wagging walk, daily kisses and “talking” at night when she is so tired (she moans and groans – it is hilarious but was freaky to hear the first time). We have included some pictures that we just took of Ella and Taz as we thought you would like to see how she looks. The outside ones are of the dogs waiting for the ball to be thrown!

Thanks again.

Heath and Colleen

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