Photos by KME Photography
An amazing, generous person, who does beautiful work! 
Check out our adoptable Dobermans, professionally captured by KME! We support all those who support our rescues and highly encourage you to support KME Photography!! 
Athena, 5 year old dobe girl, give or take on her age as we are not sure! She was found as a stray wandering the streets, so she could be much younger!! We think she has had puppies in her past, and shes not telling us nothing about her past, other then she wants a fresh new start and wants it to happen now that shes in Minnesota! Athena hitched a ride from Doberman Rescue of Northern Texas, our partner rescue, to Minnesota with a wonderful network of Doberman transporters, whom we call, “Rescue Angels”, and got  Athena safely to the land of 10,000 lakes to find her forever home. She has been found to be hypothyroid and is now on daily medication ( cost about 25 cents a day to treat!) She is a very sweet girl, a lover not a fighter! She loves other dogs and children! Athena has her stuffed babies she carries around all day and mothers. She loves to go for car rides, is house trained and can reliable be left home alone. She is not a chewer, but is know to do the Doberman pinch to those she loves!!!

Sabar is a two year old dober-dude. He is one of the largest boys we have ever seen! Near 100 pounds he has the classic look of Scooby-dooby-doo. Sabar, big as he is, has a soft disposition and a gentle soul, unless your a chicken. Good with the kids and most other dogs big and small. He does love the taste of chicken, and heck who doesn’t, but he did not understand the difference between dry dog food kibble made with chicken, and the live chickens that roamed the grounds at his previous home. Sabar loved him some fresh chicken in those days, which is why this sweet guy is now looking for a home with DRM, without live chickens to tempt him! 
Huh? You mean I can’t eat that chicken??

Ok, I think I get it. 

Just dog food made with chicken, right?
Goodness, I see me a chicken over there! 


 Lucy has just recently found a home that will make her the queen of her castle! Way to go Ms. Lucy!!! Pretty girl!


Lady luck is on her way to happy ever after! Way to go Lady and thank you to her new fur-ever family for adopting her, along with putting in a brand new physical fence ( Per our adoption policy) to keep Lady safe from herself and other dangers! Your new family rocks Lady, your gonna be a “lucky” Lady for sure!


Victor is a blue Dober-gent, all of 4 years old. Victor will be true blue, loyal companion to whom ever adopts this wonderful boy. Victor is a master of the Doberman lean and a very watchful guy who will keep a keen eye on you at all times. Victor loves to play with his foster dobe sister, go for car rides, go for walks and lay at the feet of the people who care for him. He would love to find a home that will adore and love him as much as he promises to adore and love his new masters. Victor will be the most loyal dog ever, as he is very true to those who love him back.