Every single
day DRM receives requests to help Dobermans in need. As hard as we try to save
every Doberman we can, we can only take in so many as we have foster homes

Have you ever thought about fostering? Now is the time to sign up!

Take a look at some of our Frequently Asked Questions: 

1)      Does fostering cost anything?
Fostering is 100% free to you. DRM provides all necessary supplies like food,
crate, toys, and covers all medical expenses.
2)      Do I need a fence?
it is not always required, it is strongly preferred to have a fence. Dogs must
never be on a tie out (we have seen far too many accidents on tie outs) and
must always be leashed if a foster home does not have fence.
3)      Is it OK if I have other animals in my home?
Residents animals must be up to date on all vaccines and on monthly flea/tick
and heartworm preventative. We try to find out as a much as we can about the
Doberman before placing the dog in a foster home. For instance, if we know the
dog is not friendly with cats, we will not place the dog in a home that has
4)      How do I know what dog I am going to foster?
dog will ever be forced on you! The foster coordinator team will work with you
to identify the best foster dog for your family and home. However, it is up to
you if you’d like to foster the dog!
5)      Can I foster if I have children in my home?
Children must be older than 6 years old.
6)      What happens if I want to adopt my foster dog?
is fantastic! We welcome that at DRM and will gladly have you join the “foster
fail” family!
7)      What am I responsible for by fostering a Doberman through DRM?
are responsible for the care of your foster dog! Making sure you foster has
food, shelter and giving the dog extra TLC until their forever home is found.
We love it if fosters can work on socialization and basic obedience training.
Fosters should plan on attending adoption events to give the foster dog a
chance to meet potential families. We also like updates with photos, videos and
a foster written biography to attract potential adopters!
8)      What if it is not working out with my foster dog?
not all dogs are great in every home. This happens! When it does, DRM will work
with you find a new foster home for the dog. Your family’s safety and the dog’s
safety are our main concerns!
9)      Do I have to take my foster to the vet?
We will work with you to find a DRM approved veterinary clinic to take your
foster dog to if needed.
10)   What
happens if I go on vacation?
problem! We have vacation fosters.
11)   How
often are adoption events?
have adoption events at least once a month, and events are located all over the
Twin Cities. Visit our website or Facebook page for all event listings.
12)   How
long is the typical foster dog in rescue for?
is truly varies depending on the dog. We have had dogs adopted within days and
some that have taken years! We really try to keep the same foster home until
the dog is adopted.
13)   Where
do your Dobermans come from?
takes in any Doberman in need that we can place. We will take dogs sitting in
shelters, owner surrenders, and have a few partnerships with other rescues that
will transfer their Dobermans to us. 
14) Why should I foster
with DRM? 
a dog is truly saving a life. DRM receives pleas for help every single day, and
we can only take in dogs that we have foster homes for. Fostering is free to
you and so, so rewarding! 
is a fun community of passionate and committed volunteers here to help you
every step of the way. 
15) What support is
offered to me while fostering?  
volunteer at DRM is supported by the other members. You will be working with
the foster and adoption team if you have any specific questions on the process
or your foster dog. 
also have volunteer photographers, like KME Photography, that will take professional
photos of your foster dog at no cost! Great photos and videos help get your
foster dog noticed!
have social media groups for you to ask questions and get to know your fellow
DRM community! 

16) Ok I am
in! How do I get started?
Visit our website and fill out a volunteer application! Our Foster team will be
in touch shortly!