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Things are going so great with Bella! She is so sweet and loves to please. 
We just finished the first 10 week course at school and she seems 
to love training and working for praise. We are enrolled for the next 10 week 
session and that will be more off leash training. She has bonded well with 
everyone in the house (not a huge fan of the cats but tolerates) she can be 
in the yard with the chickens out and could care less about them. Everyone that 
has met her has just loved her sweet calm personality and 2 of our friends 
have expressed wanting a Doberman just like her:) our one neighbor that was 
not excited about us getting a dobe asks if she can come over to his yard 
all the time to play with her! I've thought about therapy work with her, she is so 
calm and loves to be petted all the time by anyone with a pulse! 
I think after a little more obedience training I could work on that. Any info on 
where to go would be great! (This is a great place to start! Dobermans are 
excellent Therapy dogs! ( -moose) She really is a 
special girl and has already won over Many skeptics about the breed!
We love our Bella!